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Almost every carpet manufacturer recommends a frequent professional upkeep of your carpet. It not only keeps it in tip top condition, but prevents germs, bacteria and airborne contaminants from breeding. Our company has a specialised detergents and equipment to deliver you the ultimate carpet cleaning. We will brighten your rooms and prolong your carpet's quality. With the years, we have established a checklist that we strictly follow to ensure you get the most efficient Carpet Cleaning service available.

The service is suitable for:

  • Any type of carpets from the conventional to the high-class ones
  • Any type of rugs
  • Any type of upholstery

*More info further down

Here is a quick guidance to familiarise with the process:

  1. We assess the quality of your carpet and the fabric type it is made of.
  2. We pick the correct cleaning materials to suit the uniqueness of your carpet.
  3. We evaluate the stains and spots on your carpet so that we know which product is perfectly suitable for their removal.
  4. There is the stain removal operation which contributes to the overall professionally cleaned outlook of your carpet.
  5. It is the main extraction process. This is performed by our professionally trained steam machine operators. Our commercial steam-operated extractor works with high pressure water circulation which sprays from the machine through the carpet fibres (collecting all the oil and grime) and back again in the machine's dirt container. This operation leaves your carpet refreshed, spotless and sanitized for months to come.
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The 5 steps developed by our company ensure to give your carpet, rug or upholstery the ultimate maintenance and refreshment. Not only will they look as good as brand new, but will also be removed from any germs and bacteria. Your home environment will be a safer place for you and your loved ones. *There is no danger for your children or pets as our company operates with child- and pet-safe detergents which do not cause allergies. Overall, we try to keep the chemical usage to a minimum and rely on the power of the steam.

We provide few extra services which you can include in your basic Carpet Cleaning package:

  • Pre-spray. For occasions when a carpet has not been cleaned for a long time and has excessive grease and dirt stuck between the fibres.
    We spray it with special professional chemical solution which works as a solvent to the oils and grease within your carpet, making them easier to be removed in the extraction process.
  • Protection spray. After the main dirt extraction process, when your carpet has been cleaned from all the grime and dirt, we are able to apply a final spraying with a special solution that protects each and every fibre in your carpet. It works as a shield so that anything water-based gets spilled it would be effortlessly removed by a mop or vacuum.
  • Sanitizing spray. We also offer a unique fragrance spray to protect your carpet from germs and bacteria for the long run, leaving pleasant, long-lasting scent.
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All extras are charged £10.00 per room.

Please, note vacuuming and furniture removal are not included in the carpet cleaning package. However, they can be performed for a small cost if you let us know in advance. Our company advices professional carpet maintenance at least once a year as suggested by the National Carpet Cleaners Association UK (NCCA). This would prolong your carpet's life and ensure you and your loved ones live in a safe and healthy environment.